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Alloy Tool Steel Targets End Users

Alloy Tool Steel is expanding its presence in the end user tool and mold steel market. “We have always served the end users of our products,” explains Tom Hardy, sales manager. “Now we are expanding into this market in a big way; it is a perfect match.” Using our massive purchasing power we offer a pricing structure based on mill runs and pass the savings on to you. We have the largest selection of tool and mold steels on the west coast with about four million pounds in stock in Santa Fe Springs, and about a million more in Chicago. Our knowledgeable salespeople offer expert advice on applications and machining characteristics. We feature fast turnaround on all orders with delivery in Los Angeles and surrounding areas for end users of orders over 100 lbs. We offer the largest inventory selection, great service, best prices…why buy anywhere else?

Alloy Tool Steel Stocks 4140HT Alloy Steel

4140HT alloy steel is now available at Alloy Tool Steel. 4140HT is a chromium/molybdenum, medium-carbon steel offering medium to high hardenability and good fatigue properties. This material has a machinability rating of 50% to 55% of a 1212 carbon steel. 4140HT is sold in the pre-hardened condition at BHN 262/321 (Rc 26.6/34.3) with a higher surface hardness and a lower center hardness. 4140HT is capable of meeting the requirements of ASTM-A322. Typical applications for 4140HT include: base plates, molds, fixtures, tool holders, support plates, punch holders, and more.