About Us

Alloy Tool Steel was established in 1973 with one goal in mind: to offer the best possible selection, quality, service and pricing in the business. Today, Alloy Tool Steel has grown to become the largest tool steel distributor on the west coast, stocking over four million pounds of top-grade tool steel at our 24,000-square-foot headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, California. We also offer in-house sawing and grinding services so you get the exact shape and size you need.

Alloy Tool Steel offers a wide selection of tool and mold steel grades including: A-2, D-2, O-1, S-7, H-13, P-20, KDA1, KAPSTAR, 4140HT, along with 420SS Stainless Steel. We offer rounds, block and plate in a variety of sizes. We have the sawing, grinding, trepanning and turning capabilities to give you the exact shape and size you need to start your job off right. Our product knowledge at Alloy Tool Steel is unmatched in the metal distribution industry. We can give you expert advice on the applications andmachining characteristics of our products, based on real-world expertise and experience. We stock a lot of steel, but if you need something that we do not have we will find it for you, or tell you where to get it. Our winning combination of product knowledge and customer service is a powerful tool that will save you time and money.


In 2010, Alloy Tool Steel, Inc. (ATSI) becomes a part of Gloria technology Corp. (GMTC). GMTC is the largest specialty alloy manufacturer in Taiwan and has 23 marketing channels in the world.

This considerable new purchasing power with steel mills worldwide gives Alloy Tool Steel a distinct price advantage over smaller distributors. Whether you need ten pounds or a container load, we make sure you get the best possible price on the widest variety of tool and mold steels. And we offer you quick turnaround on all of your orders, usually next day or sooner. We welcome your blanket purchase orders, and we will stock your material at our facility and ship according to your predetermined schedule.

Buying material is the crucial first step in your manufacturing process. Make sure you have the right steel for your job at the best possible price. Alloy Tool Steel has the knowledge, resources and customer service to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it, every time. Let us show you how Alloy Tool Steel can save you time and money on your next tool or mold steel order. Call us today, toll free at (800) 288-9800.

Line Card

Type Size (inch) Grade Application
Cold Work Tool Steel
D2, D3, D6, D7
A2, A6, A9
S1, S5, S7, O1, O2, O6, 1.2767, 1.2550
Tooling Industry: Punch Steel Tube Industry: Rolling Cutter, Shaping Wheel Cutter Industry: Thread cutting tool (tap), machine knife
Hot Work Tool Steel 1/5"~25.6" H10, H11, H12, H13, L6, 1.2365 Extrusion Industry: Dies and Contatiner for Extrusion Forging Industry: Forming Dies, Press Dies Die Casting Industry: Dies for Die-Carbide Aircraft Industry: Landing Gears, Arrester Hooks
Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel 1/5"~23.6" 630, 15-5PH, GTD450 Stem, Pump Shafts , Screw, Plastic Mould, Surgical knife and Medical Instrument
Quenched & Tempered Steel 4/5"-23.6" H10, H1 1, H12, H13, 1.2367, 1.2365, L6, 4130, 4140, 4145, 4340, 135M, 1.8070, 50CrM04 Shaft, Mechanical components, Automotive parts, Medical material, Parts for Aerospace, Steel Screw, Glass mold
Low Alloy Steel l/5"~25.6" 4130, 4140, 4145, 4340, 8620, 9310, 135M, 1.8070, 50CrMo4, 17CrNiMo6 Plastic processing machines(column, screw, barrel), Paper-making machinery (wheel) mechanical parts (gears, shaft, machine column), the gear industry, carburizing with mechanical parts, mechanical spindle drive gear, crankshaft
High Speed Steel 1/5"~9.2" M1, M2, M7, M35, M42, M50 Cutting Tools: Hobs, Twist Drills, Milling Cutter
VAR 2/5"-21.5" 630(17-4PH), 15-5PH, 440C, 300M, 4340M, 4340,9310,4130, D6AC Superalloys for aerospace; Mold steel use for VCD/DVD/DVD-RW/TFT-LCD mold Tool steels for milling cutters, drill bits, etc.
ESR 2/5"-16.9" 304, 310, 403, 410, 416, 420, 431, 440C Turbine Blade, Optical Mould
VIM 2/5"—7.9" 718, 625, X-750, 901, 80A, 13-8 Mo, 316-UHP Aerospace disk/bolting/shaft/vane/afterburner Power Gen.: blade/bolting/exhaust re-heater/ring Oil & Gas: pump/valve/pipeline/fastener General: pallet/transporting belt/turbine charger
Plastic Mould Steel 1/5"-23.6" P21 M, P20, 420Mod., 1.2738 Plastic Mold, Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Mold, Magnalium Mold, Injection Mold, Injection Mould for Plastics, Die-casting Mould, Punch, Hot Shear, Immediate Roller for Cold Rolling
400 Series
403, 410, 416, 420, 430, 430F, 431, 1.2316
440B, 440C
Parts of car, Glass Mould, Pilot spool of solenoid valve, Stem, Parts of hard disc, Plastic Mould Screw, Surgical knife, Turbine Blades, Plastic Mould
300 Series 1/5"-19.7" 303, 304, 316, 304(L), 316(L), 317, 310, 321, XM-19 Valve, Valve Ball, Stern, Pump Shaft, Corrosion of reinforced
Titanium Alloy Round: 1/5"-13.8" Commercial: ASTM B348/B381 Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.5, Gr.12, AMS 4921 Medical implants: ASTM F136,1505823.3, ASTM B348 Gr.23, ASTM F67 Aerospace: AMS 4928, AMS MIL-T9047, AMS 6931, AMS 6930, AMS 4965, AMS 4967. Parts for chemical & electroplate, screw, bolt, nut, bide components, boi-stem, turbine bladder, fastener